The music player for music lovers.

Listen to your music.

Apps for streaming music are not made for deep listening.

A curated music library deserves an app that lets you explore, listen without disturbance, and gives the tools to deepen your listening experience.

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Add from anywhere.

Import music from Apple Music (any DRM free songs), from your desktop via a browser, or the Files app.

Fancy Visualizers

It's not Winamp yet, but we are just getting started!


How do you listen to music? Find out!

10-band EQ

Tweak your sound.


Mark interesting points in your music.

A→B looper

Mark and play segments. Great for learning music.


See what your music looks like.

Remember position

An album or playlist can remember where you left off. Indispensable for audio books or curated playlists.

Sleep timer

Go to bed with your favorite audio book.

Pin to home

Pin albums, artists, songs, and playlists to Home for easy access.